A Tasty Visit to The Wing Bar

21 02 2010

The Wing Bar is tasty for multiple reasons: great food that makes me feel like I’m back in college, good drinks at fair prices, and, in this bar fly’s opinion, cute staff.  Their specialty is obviously wings.  You can order anything from 10 wings for $7.50 or 100 wings for $66.50, but hopefully if you do the latter you bring a few friends.  I swung by Wing Bar earlier in the night, but it was packed wall to wall with happy feasting customers.  It was too busy to squeeze in an interview, so I made a few rounds before heading back.

Peter with customers

Upon my return, the bartender, Peter, called me out on my previous awkward entrance and escape.  He also agreed to do an interview after having a smoke and getting some actual work  done.  Brooke, my waitress, got me a delicious $5 margarita.  After a short while, Peter came back, beer in hand, for an interview (and maybe a little flirting?).

Bar Fly: You’re allowed to drink and bar tend?
Peter: Well, luckily I’m also part owner. (Oh, la la!)
Bar Fly: Good for you.
Peter: It works for drinking.
Bar Fly: How long have you worked here?
Peter: Since we opened- July.
Bar Fly: Did you always want to own a bar?
Peter: It’s in our family.  My family has owned bar in Miami since, I think, ’66.  Ukulele Bar.  My grandpa opened it and my dad runs it.  It’s a super dive. (My fav kind)
Bar Fly: So, your vision here?
Peter: Actually it was my brother’s vision.  My dad was in law enforcement too and retired and thought of opening something else down there and my brother wanted his own place and we convinced him to do it up here… we were just lucky.
Bar Fly: Do you like the neighborhood?

An hour earlier ever seat was taken.

Peter: I love it.
Bar Fly: What’s your average patron like?
Peter: Laid back. …It’s a comfortable, low pressure place.  Easy, not pretentious.  I play the music loud.  I’m a big music fan.
Fly:  You have that air about you.  What’s your favorite drink to make?
**Co-worker Justin comes over and says bye to Peter/introduces himself to me.**
Peter: I work at Tribeca Grand Hotel too.  So I like to make classic cocktails.  We try to incorporate some.  Personally, I like Manhattans and Old-Fashions, but in the summer we’re going to do a Raspberry Collins here.  Meanwhile our Firefly’s are popular.
Bar Fly: Most ridiculous thing that has happened here?
Peter: Umm… Probably when the Yankees won, we danced on the bar.  But really, we’re all crazy, so crazy isn’t really crazy, so I’d say nothing.  (How cute is he?)
Bar Fly: When are you the busiest?
Peter: Weekends obviously, but baseball season.  I’d rather play music videos, but I respect [the sports fans]… It’s a neighborhood bar and people come to eat and relax.
Bar Fly: Do you do more food or drink business?
Peter: More food, we pride ourselves on our food.  But the bar is part of the atmosphere.
Bar Fly: When are you open until?
Peter: 3 or 4 if we are busy, but we want to go out too, you know?
Bar Fly: I do (too well).

I stayed for a few more drinks.  Got to know my sweet waitress Brooke and kept having to remind myself not to stare at the adorable Mr. Peter.

Go to The Wing Bar if you’re hungry, thirsty, or… Just go.

– Bar Fly




2 responses

23 02 2010

sounds great! what’s the address?

23 02 2010

275 Smith Street… I’m going to go back in the posts tomorrow and make sure all the addresses are in. Small detail I’ve been overlooking. Thanks!

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