Fat Tuesday at Continental

17 02 2010

Sometimes you want to go dancing, sometimes you want to have a nice glass of wine with friends, sometimes you want an old booth for snuggling in, but just sometimes you want to get plain old drunk.  For those times, Continental is the place to be.  Five shots for ten dollars, yeah baby.

Continental, classy and right next to McDonalds

My friend Nicole’s birthday was yesterday, so Bar Fly was flying less than solo.  Continental is a big place and it wasn’t too crowded- did no one know that it was Fat Tuesday?  We got a big round booth and ordered a round of 2 dollar beers to go with the M&M brownies I baked for the birthday girl.  Our waitress was efficient, but lacked personality.  I guess sometimes that’s enough.  The movie projector on the back wall was playing classic Superman with helpful subtitles.  After a few rounds I went looking for an interview and found a group of messy boys all clad in plaid.  Jess, Dan, and Hugh invited me to sit, with their cute but not-matching accents, and we got crackin’.

Bar Fly: Where are you all from?
Danny: Ireland.
Jess: Australia.
Hugh: England.
Bar Fly: What the hell are you doing here?
Danny: Oh, that’s aggressive.
Hugh: We did a show last night.
Bar Fly: Let me guess, you’re puppeteers!?
Danny: Ha, no we’re in a band.
Hugh: Rockfest.
**Alex comes over and is hesitant to sign my waiver- yes, I’m official like that.**
Jess: Just sign it!
Bar Fly:  I just want your soul.
Alex: Ok, ok!
Bar Fly: What kinda music do you play?
Danny: It depends what instruments.
Jess: Funk Regae.
Hugh: Slash some rock.
Alex: If it’s good, it’s good.
Bar Fly: Who plays what?
Danny: Base.
Hugh:  (does some mime piano moves) Keys.
Jess: Skins.
Alex: Guitar.
Bar Fly: Are you all here for a while?
Danny: Two days.
Jess : We leave Thursday.
Danny: We’re leaving Thursday morning, but we can’t go to bed Wednesday really.
Alex: Tomorrow’s our last full day.
Bar Fly: Is it your first time here?
Jess: Danny’s first, but not everyone else’s.
Danny: This is our band’s first interview!  Too bad no one has said anything witty.
Jess: One day we’ll be huge and you’ll be famous for this!
Danny: And we signed all our rights away!
Bar Fly: What’s the bands name again?
Hugh: Rockfest.

Rockfest, From Left to Right: Jess, Danny, Hugh, Alex, and the lead singer who's name I never got... sorry!

Bar Fly: Ohhh, I get it, woops.
Danny: It’s funny because we don’t play rock.
Jess: We don’t stick to labels.  (1st band to ever say that, I’m sure!)
**The band picks on me for how slowly I’m writing**
Jess: You should learn shorthand.
Alex: You shitty note taker.  Ha, we’re joking.
Bar Fly:  (I’m bright red) So, has anyone gotten any ass yet?
Danny: In New York?  We’ve been here for one day!
Alex: You should have said vagina.
Bar Fly:  Oh, you guys say vagina.
Jess: Yes, we only say vagina, no slang.  (I sense some sarcasm.)
Hugh: Does that have to mean Ass literally?
Bar Fly: Ha,ha, Let’s see what else…. I see you guys like flannel a lot.
Danny: You should have seen us yesterday.
Jess: Flannel’s a material.  This is checkers (points to Danny).
Danny: Mine is fake flannel.
Bar Fly: Oh, but you’re legit, Jess.  How old is the band?
Jess: Six months.  We’ve always played music  Danny and I have played together for a while.
Alex: We just joined them.
Bar Fly: Who’s the leader.
Jess: He’s coming.
Alex: He’s a muslim.
Danny: But, like he’s strong about religion. He does a loud prayer before we perform.
Bar Fly: Oh sorry, ( have to flip a few pages) my notepad got a little messy, some random sketches.
Jess: If you want to do a sketch of us, I’ll pose.
Alex: You’ll have to take a picture of us for real though.
Bar Fly: I will.  OK, let’s end it before it gets messy.
Hugh: It’s getting messy?
Bar Fly: How’d you find out about this place?
Danny: A person on the street told us five shots for ten dollars.
Jess: That’s attention getting.
Bar Fly: …Let’s get some shots… So how’d you end up with this devout Muslim lead singer.
Jess: He has a good voice.
Alex: And he threatened to kill all of us.

Continental Bar

Bar Fly: American’s like this shit. (Sorry, that’s offensive, I know.)
Danny: The band’s help hostage by a belt of bombs he wears.
Bar Fly
: OK, I think we took that far enough for real this time.  Thanks guys.
: Don’t be a stranger!
Bar Fly: I won’t.  Feel free to come over and serenade the birthday girl!

The boys did come over, with the lead singer who was very nice.  They took some shots with us, but they did not serenade us. In, fact they kept insisting I sing some Irish songs I know.  Which I did not do for them, rather, I saved the singing for Nicole and Ian’s private show later.  What could be a better birthday present than having a tone-deaf drunken girl sing “Irish Rover” and “Danny Boy” a cappella?




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18 02 2010


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