V-Day at Bar 4: Laughter, Love, Booze

16 02 2010

Surprise, surprise.  Where did I spend my Sunday night?  At my regular Bar 4. My friends Nicole and her beau Ian, and Angie and her “something” Jeremy came along with my sister and I… just to make us feel reeeeally single.  Oh, don’t pitty me.  I’m kidding, partially because I love my single life and especially since Ian and Jeremy are decent guys (Especially Ian- a whiskey man).  The whole group had a great time, thanks not just to the great bartender, Rich, but because of the best kept secret in brooklyn.  A stellar, FREE comedy show hosted every Sunday by Yannis Pappas.

Unfortunately, Yannis couldn’t make it (Because: A. He was near death or B. Because he had another gig- the answer is unclear).   Luckily for us, host Leah Bonnema filled his big (always fresh) shoes, along with a list of other comedians, Frank Gallo (who actually co-produces the show), George Gordan, Dan Goodman, Chis Laker, and Louie Katz to name a few. (If you were there and remember more comedians names- shoot me a line.)  But, I don’t review comedians, that would imply I have some talent in comedy.  I do not.  I have talent in drinking, so let me get back to the topic at hand.

It was V day, so to get in the mood I picked the cute couple who had taken some heat during the show.  Liz and John are that cute couple.  They have a long distance relationship, no jobs, and like talking about oral sex.  Cool kids, if I say so myself.

Bar 4 is my Valentine!

Bar Fly: How’s Valentine’s Day going?
John: Mellow.
Bar Fly: Liz?
Liz: It’s going well.
John: We had a good day.  It’s her birthday!
Bar Fly: A Vday bday?
Liz: Yep.
Bar Fly: Well, happy birthday.  So, who did you like tonight?
John: I liked the heroine amazon guy. (Joke reference… or rather, very long, comical, but heart breaking story reference)
Bar Fly: Louie Katz.
John: That guy.
Bar Fly: Yep, Louie…  Who else?
John: The southern black boy.
Bar Fly: George Gordan? He’s southern?  I didn’t hear an accent…
(I can’t make out a portion of this interview.  I’m thinking it was something about Dan Goodman of the movie Hell Cop.  Let’s face it I was drunk and my handwriting looks like a blind person was writing with their foot.)
John: And the angry one.
Bar Fly: Oh, Chris Laker.  Yeah, I was the inspiration for his uncle joke.  I’m that girl!  (You’ll have to see Chris Laker to get the reference)
Liz: Ohhh.
John: Yeah, I saw you looking proud after he said that joke!
(Speak of the devil Chris Laker comes over and I interrupt my own interview to say hi. Yes, this is where my Bar Flyness mixes with social butterflyness)
Bar Fly: So, have you guys been here before? And also, sorry I’m writing so slow, I’m usually better at this.
John: No…. something something something “back on the swing.” (I can’t make sence of this quote at all).
Liz: It’s my first time too.
Bar Fly: And was it good?
Liz: I had a great time.
John: Free comedy show!
LIz: I was thoroughly impressed.
Bar Fly: Would you suggest it to others?
Liz: Yes…. You know who you really look like?
Bar Fly: Katherine Heigl.  (I’m not being cocky!  I hear it a lot!)
Liz: Yes- other people say that to you?
Bar Fly: Yes.
John: Is that a compliment:
Liz: Yes!
John: Oh.
Liz: How do you not know Katherine Heigl?
John: I watch House.
Liz: You remind me of that guy.
John: House?
Liz: Well, I don’t watch the show but yes!
Bar Fly: What’s the craziest thing you ever did in a bar?
Liz: Together or separate.
Bar Fly: Uhh, together! It’s Valentines day.
John: I’d say I ate your pussy.
Liz: (Hits John) I don’t know the craziest.  We danced a lot.
John: We made some good drunken stories.  Remember that dive bar?
Liz: John and I tend to dance when no one else is and we have no problem.
Bar Fly: and he apparently goes down on you in bars.
Liz: No, Oh my god.  He does not.
John: It’s the comedy spirit, my dear!

A great couple, a great show, a great bar, and I had a great buzz.  Happy birthday, Liz!  Sorry if I misquoted you guys a tad, this is the danger of drinking on the job!

Bzzz… tomorrow. Bar Flying while celebrating a birthday.  A first!

I’m also considering posting a picture of me in the morning with a crucial hangover.  I look disgusting, but I think it might be worth it for your viewing pleasure.  Let me know if you agree.




3 responses

16 02 2010
Dan Goodman

He said he enjoyed the Fake Cop Guy which is me Dan Goodman in reference to the wonderful movie Hell Cop. Party!

16 02 2010

Good thing I quote my intervieweees to other people right after the interview, to insure that someone remembers what actually went down.

17 02 2010

Wow, that was one very open couple.

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